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Is your sex life at its lowest?

Are you missing the fun and excitement in the bedroom department?

If you answered yes, then don’t feel bad.

Many couples feel the same way, too. 

The term “sex” can trigger different kinds of emotions.

From love to excitement, sex can also mean longing, anxiety and even disappointment.

Even if you are already an “expert” in the field, there is no guarantee that your sex life will always be fun and exciting.

Here are some tips on how to improve sex life that can help you bring back the spark inside the bedroom.

1.      Connect With Your Sensual Self

sensual couple self

It starts with you.

One of the best tips to improve your sex life is to know what turns you on and what you are comfortable with.

Love yourself and your body and accept those flaws.

If you don’t feel good about yourself, how do you expect to perform well in bed?

2.      Improve Your Lifestyle and Exercise Regularly

exercise regularly

Always remember this – your sexual well-being is affected by your mental and physical health.

Therefore, getting rid of bad habits and sticking to a healthy lifestyle is one of the best tips for better sex. 

Quit drugs and smoking and as much as possible, drink alcohol in moderation.

3.      Exercise Regularly

exercise regular couple

You can consider sex as a form of exercise.

However, don’t rely on this bedroom activity alone.

You still need physical activities such as running, playing sports, and lifting weights to make sure you are in your best shape, both in and out of the bedroom. 

Studies show that increasing your activity level has positive effects in your sex drive.

It releases endorphins, also known as happy hormones.

Aside from this, it increases your energy levels and keeps your heart in shape, which could help you last longer in bed.

There is also better blood flow in important areas, something you will need when the situation calls for it.

It also keeps you in shape, thereby helping improve your overall sense of well-being. 

Work out with your partner.

The couple who works out together ends up having better sex life.

4.      Eat Right

eat right oysters

Did you know that there are certain foods that can perk up your libido?

Keep in mind that what you eat plays an important role, not just in your health, but also in your sex life.

Therefore, eat amino acid rich foods such as fish, chicken and pork to improve blood flow in your genitals.

Also, it won’t hurt if you eat aphrodisiacs, such as oysters to help you get in the mood.

5.      Consider Taking Male Enhancement Supplements. 

VigRX Plus Supplement

This type of pill is made of herbs that appear to promote jump in the bedroom.

An example of this VigRX Plus.

Based on the studies conducted by Vedic Lifesciences, VigRX Plus is proven to improve erection quality and sex drive in just 84 days.

Plus, it uses all natural ingredients.    

6.      Use It Or Lose It

couple regular sex

How many times have you heard that saying?

As annoying as it sounds, this one is true.

If you keep on saying no to sex, or if you wait for the mood to pay a visit, you might lose your groove without even noticing it.

Therefore, just do it.

Treat sex as a form of exercise, which you need to do regularly, even if you are not in the mood.

Get back into practice for as long as you can.

Once you start to get back into the habit, you will be surprised as to how it will make you feel better.

7.      Talk To Your Partner

talk to partner

Surprisingly, there are couples who don’t talk about their sexual preferences.

If you really want to put the spark back in the bedroom, communicate with your partner and talk about your needs, desires and what turns you on.

At the same time, be honest and discuss any sexual issues.

Listen attentively to hers as well.

A good communication is a key not just to a healthy relationship but also to a better sex life.

8.      Change Your Sexual Schedule

change sexual schedule

Are you in a sex rut?

Believe it or not, even young couples experience “routines” inside the bedroom, which could lead to a dull sex life.

Regardless of your age, don’t let a set routine for sex ruin your happiness in bed.

Introducing change in your usual sex routine can help put the excitement back in your sex life.

If you always have sex at night, then try morning sex or an afternoon delight. 

If you follow a specific schedule in bed, surprise your partner by rearranging that pattern.

If you always have sex on weekends, then try initiating it during the week, instead.

Change is good, as long as you both agree to it.

9.      Create A Sex Menu

sex menu foreplay

Think about this – you’ve had a dry season for the longest time.

You don’t expect to jump in the bed, take of all your clothes and have sex just like that, do you?

Make your own sex menu, exactly how you like it.

Just like the ordinary menu, start with an appetizer, aka foreplay.

Followed by the main course, which is how you want to do your bump and grind session, aka the sex positions.

Don’t forget the dessert or the after play. 

You can also create a portion for side dishes, which shows the add-ons or sex toys you want to use in bed.

And the drinks too, so you will know what drinks to serve.

Then, check out the menu and see what you can order from there on your ‘sex day’.

10. Make Time For Sex

make time for sex

None of these tips will be possible unless you dedicate your time to lovemaking.

Whether you are in a long term relationship or still in the honeymoon phase, allotting an hour or so for it can already make a difference in your sex life.

11. Be Playful

playful sex

Did you know that being playful with your partner could do a lot for your sex life?

Teasing or tickling may be a simple and fun activity, but it could go way beyond that.

Don’t stop being playful with your partner, no matter how old or young you are.

Do whatever it takes to keep the fun in the relationship.

As you get older, you will face tons of issues – physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Surprisingly, adding play in your daily routine could help you relax and get you both in the mood for some action.

12. Set A Romantic Tone In The Day, And Get Naughty At Night

romantic sex setup

Romance her throughout the day, send her steamy messages and surprise her with her favorite flowers and chocolates.

If you can cook food for her, then go ahead and do the extra mile.

Or reserve a table for two at your favorite restaurant.

During the night, ask your partner to wear the lingerie to keep things sexier and more exciting, without revealing too much.

You can also try naughty board games to guide you along the way.

Watch porn to help you both get in the mood.

13. Experiment In And Out Of The Bedroom

outside bedroom sex

When was the last time you did something unusual in your sex life?

Regardless of age, experimenting both in and out of the bedroom will take your sex life to the next level. 

Aside from experimenting on positions, have sex in places outside the bedroom.

Try the stairs, on top of the dining table, the living room couch, the playroom, or even the garage.

It keeps things exciting and yes, that thrill of risking getting caught naked by your neighbors is something you will always remember.

Unless it really happens, so don’t be stupid and end up at the police station for public lewdness or something.

Just make sure there is no one else in the house.

14. Role-Play

role play sailor

For sure you dreamed to be a doctor, lawyer, scientist and even astronaut when you were younger.

However, not all hopes and dreams are meant to happen, right?

Apparently not.

This is where role-playing comes in.

It allows you to be someone else for a few hours and have the best night of your life.

However, not everyone is open to the idea, because either they can’t act, or it’s simply not their thing.

Or, they don’t want to be labelled as having a twisted mind.

Here’s the truth: role-playing increases one’s confidence outside the bedroom.

Yes, it is sexy, but more than that, it can build greater connection with your partner and keeps things fresh and exciting in the relationship.

At the same time, it reduces any inhibitions, both in and out of the bedroom, which can be a good thing, right?

15. Try BDSM

BDSM handcuff

You don’t understand why your girl is raving so much about Fifty Shades of Grey.

You decided to check it out and find out what’s so special with this.

Then you encountered dominant-submissive, bondage and more kinky sex acts.

In other words, BDSM.

Admit it, guys.

You secretly want to try out bondage and discipline, and sadism and masochism, aka BDSM.

However, you are too afraid to open it up to your girl because you don’t want her to think that you’re crazy.

After all, isn’t it a mental disorder?

Not really.

In fact, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, or the psychiatrist’s bible, did not even list BDSM as a mental disorder.

What’s even weirder is that there are studies that show couples who are into BDSM are psychologically healthier than those who stick to vanilla sex.

Based on studies, BDSM practitioners don’t appear troubled compared to the general population.

In fact, they are more extroverted and open to new experiences, thereby reporting higher levels of well-being.

More so, they are also less neurotic, which means they are less anxious most of the time.

Even more surprising is that couples who resort to BDSM feel more secured than their “boring” counterparts do.

As to why the results showed this, well, it’s still a big mystery to the experts.

Let’s just put it this way.

BDSM are psychologically healthier than the rest.

Of course, it’s not for everyone, so if you are uncomfortable with this, don’t do it.

16. Do Not Underestimate The Power Of Foreplay. 

underestimate foreplay

Couples often neglect this, since most people want to fast forward to the main event.


One of the best tips to spice up your sex life is to practice foreplay as much as you can.

Kissing, necking, stroking and sensual massage are one of the things you can do to get you in the mood.

Plus, it is a good precursor to an orgasmic sex, too.

17. Use a Sex Toy

use sex toy

You may always rely on your ability to make a woman wet down there, thanks to impressive foreplay skills.

The question is how long can you do it?

Consider sex toys and lubricants at your next session.

It adds fun and excitement inside the bedroom, which could make sex more pleasurable.

Surprise your ladylove with a whip, handcuffs, vibrator and sexy lingerie for her.

Bring out your inner Christian Grey, sans the Red Room of Pain.

Your partner will surely be in the mood.

18. Try New Sex Positions

new sex positions

Do you really want to know how to improve sex life?

Then put the fun back into sex.

No matter how good you are in bed now, there is no assurance that you can perform well after five years.

Be adventurous and try out different sex positions and possibilities.

Go out of the usual missionary-dog style-woman on top and look for something new.

There are many sexual positions that are both comfortable and pleasurable for you, even if it means bringing out your Kama Sutra book.

Being playful and creative in this department will definitely improve your sex life.

19. Go Past Penetration

not just penetration

Admit it.

When you hear the word “sex,” the first thing that comes to your mind is getting inside her.

Apparently, sex is more than just that.

A good sex life at any age goes past penetration. 

Orgasm may be the end goal, but don’t forget that intimacy and physical touch are essential, too.

These two components are something you could benefit from, especially when physical conditions or health issues are getting in the way. 

Instead of focusing your energy on getting inside her, think about the importance of sensual, loving contact and tenderness and what it could do for your sex life and relationship.

20. Don’t Worry About Performance

not to worry about sex performance

No matter how “pro” you are in bed, there will always be a time when you can’t help but worry about how you are doing in bed.

You want to make sure that your man will cooperate and that you will be able to make your partner happy.

While these are legitimate concerns, you need to let go of all your worries and apprehensions if you are after great sex.

There is a possibility that you might not be able to get it up, or even if you do, it won’t last that long.

Being a worry-rut could also lead to lack of arousal and orgasm, which is the opposite of what you want to happen.

21. If All Else Fails, Seek Professional Help

professional doctor help

There are instances where the natural methods won’t work.

If you are still suffering in the bedroom, consult a sex therapist or psychologist.

There may be underlying issues that you need to address, so you can finally get your sex drive back.

Just like any other aspect in your relationship and life, sex should be treated with importance.

Now there you have it.

Take action today and spice up your sex life.

Or tell us which methods have helped you best.

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